Technical FAQ

Purchasing the right optical wireless solution is only part of the picture. As optical wireless systems become more complex, it is crucial that Customers receive advanced training to help maximize system performance. fSONA's training program is designed to ensure that key disciplines within your operation are properly trained to operate, administer and maintain your SONAbeam® link throughout its life span. Training courses provide fSONA customers with the skills and knowledge necessary to realize the greatest potential of fSONA's products in the shortest time possible.

Training courses are tailored to an audience that includes system engineers, system administrators and installation technicians. fSONA appreciates that each customer's training needs are different — different methods of delivery provide maximum benefits. A combination of the training delivery methods below can be used to customize training packages:

Instructor-based Training
Instructor-based training is performed at fSONA's headquarters in McLean, Virginia, USA as well as their research and development facility in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. Each training facility is product-dependent, providing students access to SONAbeam® products, thus allowing hands-on training.

fSONA can provide a Train-the-Trainer program to enable Customers to train their own staff. This may be desirable due to language or geographic barriers. Leading-edge companies know that technical training provides one of the greatest returns on investment, enabling employees to increase their productivity and self-sufficiency. These companies will successfully meet the technical demands of the future by investing in training the personnel responsible for the operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of sophisticated equipment.

On-site Training
For Customers who need to train a group of employees at the same time or want to avoid travel expenses, custom On-site Training is the answer. fSONA can deliver standard training, or create a customized curriculum, tailored to your specific applications, needs and objectives.

To register for a Training Course contact fSONA Customer Service