SONAbeam® E Series Receives Bandwidth Boost with Launch of SONAbeam 1250-E Gigabit Optical Wireless System

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Vancouver, Canada - January 15, 2008 - fSONA Systems, a leading provider of free space optical wireless systems, today announced the expansion of the SONAbeam® E series of with the addition of the SONAbeam 1250-E which offers license and interference free broadband wireless communications.

The SONAbeam 1250-E delivers optical bandwidth capacity with full wirespeed throughput at speeds up to 1602 Mbps. Supported protocols include OC-3/STM-1, OC-12/STM-4, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet (1.25 Gbps) or datarate transparent transmission.

"The E Series has proven to be very popular with our customers," commented Andrew Grieve, President & CEO of fSONA. "Our partners like the compact form factor, exceptional performance and ease of deployment but we were frequently asked for higher speed systems, especially Gigabit Ethernet. The SONAbeam 1250-E delivers gigabit plus speeds in a lightweight form factor. You won't find a more powerful, compact FSO system on the market today."

The SONAbeam 1250-E, like the entire family of fSONA optical wireless products, operates at 1550 nm which allows greater laser output power and link margins than systems operating below 1400 nm. Higher link margins translate into longer ranges and superior availability in all weather conditions. In clear air, the SONAbeam 1250-E transmits up to 2600 meters (1.6 miles) and in extreme rain conditions up to 1350 meters (0.8 miles).

The SONAbeam E Series is an enterprise-class system offering high-speed wireless communications with carrier-class availability and features such as redundant 1550 lasers, clock data-rate recovery (CDR) and a complete network management suite.

About fSONA
fSONA Systems is recognized as the preferred provider of optical wireless solutions for government, enterprise and service provider markets around the globe. Leveraging leading edge advancements in 1550nm optical transmission, the SONAbeam™ family of systems, based on free-space-optics (FSO), use a globally unlicensed, wireless technology to provide speeds up to 2.5 Gbps over distances up to 7km. For more information visit or

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For more information about fSONA, SONAbeam or Free-Space Optical Wireless, please contact:

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international: 877 2 463 7662

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