fSONA Announces SONAbeam® E Series Flyaway Kit for Rapid Deployment of High-Speed Wireless Communications

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The SONAbeam™ Flyaway Kit Packages Our Compact E Series with a Set of Carbon-fiber Tripods and All Accessories into a Rugged, Watertight Case

Vancouver, Canada - January 22, 2008 - fSONA Systems, a leading provider of free space optical wireless systems, today announced the introduction of the SONAbeam® E Series Flyway Kit. The E Series Flyaway Kit packages fSONA's compact optical wireless transceivers with a set of carbon-fiber tripods and all necessary accessories for rapid deployment anywhere fiber optic capacity is required.

The SONAbeam™ Flyaway Kit can be ordered with any of our E Series products - the 52-E, the 155-E or the new 1250-E. The SONAbeam™ E Series are compact, lightweight units that are optimized for links from 50 meters (160 ft) up to 1620 meters (1 mile) in extreme rain conditions (10dB/km).

Available in either a single case or dual case configuration, the entire Flyaway Kit is safely packed into a durable, watertight case suitable for field use. Each case can be easily transported using the multiple handles, rugged in-line wheels and telescoping handle.

The Flyway Kit facilitates rapid deployment by incorporating all necessary accessories such as an alignment scope, toolkit and cables into one easily transportable kit. Each end of the dual case configuration can be transported by one person and set up in approximately 15 minutes.

"We built the Flyaway kit to serve our customer's need for rapidly deployable high capacity communications." stated fSONA's President & CEO, Andrew Grieve. "The Flyaway Kit is ideal for applications that require rapid deployment such as emergency communications, disaster response and recovery, temporary links, special events broadcast and temporary cellular capacity or Cell on Wheels (COW)."

About fSONA
fSONA Systems is recognized as the preferred provider of optical wireless solutions for government, enterprise and service provider markets around the globe. Leveraging leading edge advancements in 1550nm optical transmission, the SONAbeam™ family of systems, based on free-space-optics (FSO), use a globally unlicensed, wireless technology to provide speeds up to 2.5 Gbps over distances up to 7km. For more information visit or

Further Information
For more information about fSONA, SONAbeam or Free-Space Optical Wireless, please contact:

us/canada: 877 463 7662
international: 877 2 463 7662

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